Hey guys, just letting you know that Versus are taking a bus load, (or two buses depending on the interest) to The Big Day In.


BDI is the biggest LAN Australia has ever seen, with room for over 1000 people. It will be held in Melbourne over 2 days and should be a great event.


A problem a lot of people seemed to be encountering is that they canít get to and from BDI.


So Versus has decided for drive anyone who needs transport to and from the BDI, plus providing a place to stay the night before as well as the tickets to BDI.


The cost of the Package is $135.

And if you already have tickets, or a place to stay. Versus should be able to sort something out to make the price cheaper for you.


For more information check out http://www.versus.com.au/bdi03/

And if you need another question answered e-mail Versus at info@versus.com.au